Moving to South Africa

An opportunity of a lifetime comes along once every…well…exactly. When one does come along, and the stars align, you take it, right?

You do. And that’s why we are moving to South Africa.

Our opportunity is this: Jenny was recently awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to conduct her gender and diversity research at the University of Pretoria. She doesn’t like to brag, but if you saw the PrezRelease, you know it’s a pretty big deal.

I will, as of this writing at least, just be along for the ride. My last day with CG&A is May 20, after which I will be a free agent. (So look for me to change my position on American companies outsourcing to foreign workers…)

We will be in Chicago until the end of June, then we’re off to Pretoria for about 12 months. And, yes, Indie is coming with us.

The days will undoubtedly pass quickly before we leave, so we may not have a chance to connect with y’all before we go, but we are coming back.

While we’re over there, we welcome you to visit. Pretoria is scenic in itself and rich with history, but it is also a great launching point for a safari in Kruger National Park. If you’ve never been to a park the size of Rhode Island – or never seen a lion in its natural habitat – Kruger is a must.

Keep an eye on this site (the form and function of which may evolve over time) for updates, photos and other musings from South Africa, as well as some random posts on whatever else comes to mind.

Let the adventure begin.

15 thoughts on “Moving to South Africa

  1. wow! sounds like an amazing opportunity–I’m looking forward to the photography Ryan. Best wishes to both of you in your new adventure.

  2. Sweet – you are the newest addition to my “La Vida en el Extranjero” rss feed! Lookin’ forward to some exciting posts and pics. Suerte y buen viaje, guey!

  3. Ryan, happy to see you’re continuing your adventures into new and exciting worlds. Happy Anniversary to the two of you too! Looking forward to your dispatches!

  4. Hey Ry, I’m excited and worried all in the same breath. Wow….. To see my lil big wheelin cousin moving to Africa, what an adventure. This is things people only dream of. Please be careful and drop me a line every so often. You and Jenny have a great time. I love you Cuz!!

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