The Journey Part 2: JFK to JNB (Or, No Sleep til Brooklyn)

After driving for a couple of days from Chicago to New York, it was time to fly for a couple of days from JFK to Johannesburg.

Most of our time in the gate area and as we boarded the plane was spent searching for Indie on the tarmac. Was she on the plane already? Was it cool in cargo? We asked a couple of flight attendants to check for us, and when we got a visit from a copilot we knew it was time to settle down.

Once airborne, the flight was pretty smooth. Granted, 15 hours doesn’t get killed without a fight, but the actual “in the air” part was good. We watched a lot of movies. I did not sleep. At all.

It was the “on the ground” segment of the journey that did not follow the plan.

First, there was a mixup with our scheduled transportation from the airport to Pretoria. After a bit of a wait and several calls for help, a shuttle was arranged. In the meantime, we knew Indie had been sent to the cargo facility and was sitting in the warehouse waiting for us. It was going on 22 hours for her in that crate and we were getting concerned.

Indie in the backyard/garden of our guest house

Jenny took a taxi to the cargo warehouse while I waited with several hundred pounds of luggage for the shuttle to arrive. When we reached the cargo area, Jenny was nowhere to be found. It took about 15 minutes to track her down in that labyrinth, and another hour and a half to rescue Indie from that purgatory.

A very happy, but very exhausted, Indie was released to us and proceeded to release herself on South African soil. It was good to be free. And reunited.

About half an hour later, we were at our guest house in the Pretoria suburb of…Brooklyn. We had just flown from Queens to, yes, Brooklyn. All in all, it took about 24 hours to get from Queens to Brooklyn. (Our NYC friends may not think that so unusual, I suppose.)

Then, we slept.

12 thoughts on “The Journey Part 2: JFK to JNB (Or, No Sleep til Brooklyn)

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  2. Aaaah! Do you know how long I have been waiting for this update??? Thank you! Love you guys! How’s Indie now?

    • Sorry, Foof! Took a while to get a solid internet connection. Let’s schedule a time to talk!

  3. Jenny & Ryan, I’m really enjoying this!!! I can’t wait to hear about your new city and the university. sandy

  4. Well that blog post and journey beats hemingways Travels with Charlie! Glad you are safe! I want more photos!

    • If you’re saying I sound like an old man who just flew over the sea, then yes, OK. Otherwise, you are too kind. Photos coming soon! Still getting a feel for safety and street smarts.

  5. What an interesting journey ! Jenny and Ryan , Hope you have a very pleasant and productive stay !

    We are enjoying your blog !


    Madan and Shoba

  6. Jenny, I was so glad to get the info about your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading of the adventures you, Indie and Ryan (hi, Ryan, nice to ‘meet’ you, LOL, I am a former teacher of Jenny’s from Gridley High School) have had. It will be exciting to keep up with your experiences!

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