Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak…

Our iPhones are now part of the "Vodacom Family"

Like true iPhone addicts, we brought our devices to South Africa in hopes we could use them on a local carrier here. We knew that our former provider, AT&T, had the phones locked for use on their network, and that we would need to have them unlocked. (Our lawyer, if we had one, would advise us to say that we had fulfilled all the terms of our contracts with AT&T before leaving the U.S.) However, we had no idea that the process would be such a mess.

It took the better part of two days to get both phones unlocked and open to use on Vodacom. As part of the process, I acquired a whole new lexicon of computer nerd terms like jailbreak, hacktivate, baseband, redsn0w, purplera1n and many more. With Jenny’s phone, that little bugger, I learned all about recovery mode, DFU and a program called Tiny Umbrella. (I am consistently impressed by the creative names IT experts and hackers generate…where do they come up with this stuff?)

Anyway, we are now free to move about the country with iPhones that actually work like iPhones. Now, to make sure we don’t lose them…

2 thoughts on “Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak…

  1. I have recently joined the iPhone cult, I am glad that it works over there, I can’t imagine not having one, now that I am a member.

    • I know, I know. Still trying to negotiate where it’s appropriate to have a DSLR on the streets. We had our security briefing at the embassy today, so we’re recalculating some stuff.

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