Groenkloof & Embassy…Basketball & Koeksisters

Right off the top, Groenkloof is not a disease. It is not gangrene or foot and mouth; there is no reason for us to fear cloven-hoof animals (though I did get cornered by cows in Ireland once). Groenkloof is a very nice area/suburb of Pretoria that is home to the University of Pretoria’s Education Campus, on which we will soon be living.

Last Tuesday, we got our first chance to take a look inside the flat that will become available to us in early August. It is a spacious place with a nice yard for Indie. It needs some upgrading, some of which will happen before we move in and some after, but it should be a great place to call home for the next several months. Plenty of room for guests!

At the U.S. Embassy with Fulbright Program Specialist, Tenimba Morgan

On Wednesday, Jenny and I were fetched by a driver and delivered to the U.S. Embassy for a security briefing – basically, practical advice for Americans living in South Africa. Let’s just say they laid it on thick. (Tenimba, if you’re watching, we promise to be careful.)

Oddly enough, there was very little said to us in the way of security related to the demonstration taking place outside the embassy gates while we were inside the building. A group of about 300 members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) had gathered that morning to protest U.S./NATO action in Libya. With the exception of a cacophony of internationally detested vuvuzelas, the event was largely peaceful.

Thursday was back to the Brooklyn Mall. We love malls now. Highlights of the day: buying a basketball, sharing a red velvet cupcake.

The highlight of the week, quite possibly, was Friday’s reception for Jenny at the University of Pretoria: A morning tea replete with delicious pastries like melkterts and koeksisters. Intrigued? We’ll have more about koekjes and colleagues in a post dedicated to Jenny’s First Day.

4 thoughts on “Groenkloof & Embassy…Basketball & Koeksisters

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  3. Intrigued why the name ‘Groenkloof’ would elicit such a negative and baseless connotation with unpalatable medical conditions?!? Would make infinitely more sense to liken tedium with Boring, Oregon, USA, or mishaps with Accident, Maryland, USA, not to mention to potentially hot reception in Hell, Michigan, USA!

    • Thanks for the comment, Johan. No offense intended, and no defense of the crazy names we have for towns in the US. I hope you can appreciate how some Afrikaans words and names might sound unique or unusual to an American English speaker, especially on first occurrence. I hope, too, you read other posts here that more clearly articulate the love and appreciation we have for SA and our time there. I’d hate to picture you sitting in Take Things Too Seriously, Australia thinking that I disrespected your homeland.

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