Mystic Monkey

Red-Crested PochardRed-Crested Pochard (1)Red-Crested Pochard (2)MarmosetSpider MonkeyBengal Tiger Paws
Bengal TigerBengal TigersBengal Tiger (1)White LionMeerkatMeerkat (1)
MeerkatsMeerkats (1)Tufted CapuchinTufted Capuchin (1)Ring-tailed LemurGolden-Handed Tamarin
Safety FirstWhite CapuchinWhite Capuchin (1)White Capuchin (2)CheetahCheetah (1)

Mystic Monkey, a set on Flickr.

Today, Jenny and I were treated to a wonderful journey to Mystic Monkeys and Feathers Wildlife Park in Limpopo Province. Our hosts, Yvonne, Danie and Michelle du Plessis, spoiled us with transport and entry to the park, as well as a superb lunch at Tshukudu Lodge.

The highlight of the trip, though, was holding and petting tiny Bengal tiger cubs. Wow. Very cool. Never mind that Bengals are not at all indigenous to this part of the world, it was an amazing experience.

Check out some of the photos from our visit.

6 thoughts on “Mystic Monkey

  1. Please bring me home one of each. And try not to get any of them sick! We are so jealous about the tigers! Took Jack to LP zoo yesterday, your journey blew that day out of the water once again! Shots look great Ryan, you have to work on your self portrait with tigers.

  2. loved the photos and the SIGN!! Sure glad none of you contributed to making the animals sick. Tee hee!!

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  4. We were there today. It is our second time and was even more impressed than the previous time. We played with the tiger and lion cubs. It was the highlight of the day! They are so adorable!! Even the other babies of the monkeys, etc. From the chickens to the “meerkatte” to the hippos, did we enjoy every cage and all the animals & birds. The cages are clean and the animals are happy. We’ll be back soon! Love Mystic Monkeys & Feathers!

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