Fourteen Days of Frustration

Tomorrow will be Day 14 of the ongoing saga of our pending wire transfer from Bank of America to ABSA bank for the purchase of a car. We initiated the wire on July 16, confirmed it on the 18th and it still has not appeared in the appropriate account.


Bank of America apparently uses an intermediary bank in South Africa for wires. That bank, it seems, does acknowledge receipt of the funds, but they have now “raised an enquiry” to determine what’s become of the money.

Meanwhile, we still do not have a car.

So much for the global economy.

11 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Frustration

  1. Sorry to hear that the wire situation has not sorted itself out yet. BoA is just a ridiculous bank. And I bank with them, too, so I speak from experience. The good news is that, unlike me, you are a guy capable of maintaining his cool and seeing the glass half full. That is why you will patiently wait for however long it will take for the money to arrive (a pigeon could have flown it over faster, really – too bad you did not consider it as an option) and then display a convincing smile when you finally sit your half-African butt in that car. At that point, I am sure that you will make up for the lost time and explore the place like it has never been explored before. Until then, please keep writing because your blog – perhaps sadly – is often the best part of my day.
    Good day…

    • Oh, Roberto. Thank you, my brotha. I think the key difference between us is that, unlike you, I am not Italian. I am not genetically predisposed to overreaction. I am of Irish descent. We know of patience. (And whiskey. And stress-relieving words like feckin’ gobshites!)

      Sadly, I think your comment here is the best thing that’s been on the blog thus far. I may decide to make you a foreign correspondent. Not because you are in a different country than I, but because you are foreign.

  2. I suppose putting all your money in a fanny pack before you left seemed a little too middle-aged and touristy, eh?

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