South African men like soccer soooooo much…

Bend it like Beckham

… they even like to think about it whilst in the loo.

Yep, believe your eyes. That is a soccer goal inside a urinal. This one was in the men’s room at Blue Crane Restaurant, a lovely, lodge-like establishment on the property of the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary.

Apparently, we men have to make a game out of everything. Of course, to be fair, men have been making games out of this particular function for, probably, ever. Boys in northern climes learn to “write their names in the snow” at a very early age.

As it turns out, these little urinal games serve a dual purpose: not only do they engage us blokes in a “wee” bit of fun, they also help to keep restrooms clean. It’s true. Dudes are either preprogrammed or socialized to aim at something, so offering a target reduces the spillage around each porcelain playground.

NPR ran a story about this a couple of years back, but their reporting focused not on soccer nets, but on something found much more often in urinals: flies. As the story notes, “guys want to directly aim at an animal they can immobilize. The ability to use one’s natural gifts and achieve victory over the foe while standing is the key…”

South African men would apparently much rather yell, “Goooooooooooool!”

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