What are you looking at?

Yesterday this little blog surpassed the 5,000 view mark. That’s about 4,000 more than I thought it would get all year. Yet somehow, some way, our posts and pages have been viewed 5,000 times.

So, thank you.

I know most of you read because you know how cool Jenny is and you are waiting for more from her; others are reading because my mom told you to. Still others, however, are visiting the blog because a search engine completely misguided you. Sorry about that.

I know this because one of the nifty features of WordPress is the Site Stats page in the Dashboard that shows us how many site views we’ve had (5,015); what posts and pages people are reading; what links and photos people click on; what websites link people to the blog (usually Facebook, Twitter and web-based email); as well as what search engine terms people entered in Google, et al, that sent them through the wormhole to AfricAnnum.com.

Some of the search terms are the kind you might expect: lions, safari, South Africa, braai, our names (“jenny hoobler 2011”, “ryan kilpatrick africa blog”), etc. Others, well…are a wee bit out of the ordinary.

Top 20 search terms leading to AfricAnnum.com

Among my favorites:

  • “red velvet cupcakes in pretoria”
  • “her name was rio”
  • “men’s room soccer urinal” (did this post really cause an internet sensation?)
  • “biltong on a sandwich”
  • “afrie i ksix” (I’m not sure what this means, but Google thinks it means this)
  • “donkerhoek farm blog killpatrick” (if there’s a person named Killpatrick farming in Donkerhoek, I should meet him and find out what he’s doing with that extra l in his name…seems vestigal, or somehow threatening)
  • “panties hanging in the bathroom” (no comment)
  • “man in pantles” (ibid.)
  • “black panther party logo”
  • “freezer fruits symbol” (I think they meant dinosaur symbol)
  • “how do i enroll in safepass” (don’t get me started)
  • “sharp like an answer to howzit” (sharp, sharp!)

So, no matter what got you here, thanks for coming.

Now that you’re here, what are you searching for? Tell us what you’d like to see, hear or learn more about from South Africa through our perspectives. Leave a comment here or shoot us a note via the Contact page. As long as you’re not the one who keeps searching for “men in panties.”

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