Live from the Watering Hole

Greetings from the underground hide. I’ve been down here for a couple of hours now, since we finished breakfast following our 5:30am game drive. It’s peaceful, for the most part, except that there are two massive hornets building mud nests on the ceiling and every once in a while some intrepid birds fly in to search for bugs.

The hide itself is situated at a small watering hole on the Kwa Maritane lodge grounds inside Pilanesberg National Park. I am here with my mom and my Mike on a short safari.

We’ve had some pretty nice sightings already, and hope for more tonight and tomorrow morning before we head back to Pretoria. In fact, tomorrow morning I am going to skip the normal game drive to go on a 3-hour bush walk with one of the rangers. I’ll wear my fastest shoes in case we encounter the Alec Baldwin of lions. (Don’t get the reference? Stop reading and go watch Madagascar 1 & 2 right now.)

Anyway, since I’m down here in the bunker, I thought I’d share a little iPhone snap of a wildebeest that just came by for a drink. More, and hopefully better, photos to follow soon.


Now, time to find a watering hole of my own.

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