Add(is) it Up

Now that you’ve got some good Violent Femmes action running through your head (or is it just me?), you’re ready for this: Jenny and I are about to go on, like blisters in the sun, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We are heading out tomorrow morning and will be in country for two weeks, during which time we will visit some old friends of Jenny’s from Central Illinois who have lived in rural Ethiopia for more than a decade. They now run a school, clinic and care center for children; we plan to give them a hand for the 5-6 days we will be in that area.

So, while we will be gone daddy gone for the next couple of weeks, we hope to sneak on to the interwebs every now and then to monitor email, check Kentucky basketball scores, and hopefully post updates while high as a kite on khat.

While Indie may be singing “Please Do Not Go”, we are off to the hallowed ground of Ethiopia, nevertheless. We have a good feeling about this trip…

Bonus points for naming all the Femmes titles/references in this post. Winners get 100 birr. (Ben Otis and the entire Gable family are automatically disqualified.)

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