Christmas Card from a Thai Restaurant in Johannesburg

Today, as we were sitting out on our back patio in shorts and t-shirts, eating potato salad, Jenny and I discussed that out of fifteen Christmases together, this is our third spent in a foreign country. Crazy.

On Christmas Eve 2003, we were in Namche Bazaar, Nepal, on our way to Everest Basecamp. We hadn’t become sick enough at that point to be disgusted by the thought of food. We yearned for mashed potatoes and oyster dressing. In 2006, we were in Kyoto, Japan. While we love Japanese food and had a very special traditional Japanese dinner on Christmas Eve, I think we would have killed for a cinnamon roll on Christmas morning.

This year, we are in Pretoria, South Africa. So, what kind of food did we want? Oddly, Asian. Just felt right. Because nothing says Christmas like Hong Kong Pears and salmon sashimi. We’re glad that our Fulbright family — Anna, girlRyan, and Andrew — agreed.

So, wherever you are and whatever (kind of curry or sushi) you’re eating, we hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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