What Can We Tell You?

As Jenny noted in her last, great post, a lot of people are reminding us in ways subtle and not so much that our time in South Africa is more than half over. Sadly, we are keenly aware of this fact.

Now that we are in our eighth full month of life in SA, we find that not only is it difficult to imagine the day that we will have to leave, it is becoming increasingly difficult to spot the unique things that happen each day the way we could when we first arrived. Someone with no shoes in the grocery store? Yeah, that happens every day. Another zebra? Yaaaaawn… Weird kid dancing for spare change at the robot? Must be Tuesday.

So, maybe it’s a good idea at this point to let YOU ask the questions. What do you want to know? What can we tell you about our daily lives, or about our experiences here?

We know, just by looking at the site statistics, that the blog has had nearly 12,000 visits thus far, and that people who come to us are searching for things like:

  • “angry birds”
  • “buy a donkey afrikaans”
  • “men in panties” (still a popular one)
  • “giraffe looking back”
  • “rhino pimple”
  • injera trees” (if only injera grew on trees)
  • victor matfield‘s waist measurements” (I think all of these searches were performed by Jenny)
  • “photos of contemporary landscapes and outdoor bbq areas”
  • “living room, indoor, human, flowers”
  • “photo victor matfield topless” (again, Jenny)
  • “doing gender being a gender” (wouldn’t you like to be a gender, too?)
  • “how to cook goat head south african way”

While some of these searches yielded the results people were looking for, most of them probably did not. So, send us your questions through our contact page and we will do our best to answer them. We’ll even make the questions anonymous, so feel free to ask away!

We’ll post the whole Q&A as soon as we have some good questions and answers.

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