Top 20 Safari Photos

With just over four weeks left in sunny South Africa, we are beginning to face facts. Our days on safari are (likely) over. At least for a while.

But, we still have the memories … and the photos. Hundreds of them.

I narrowed down my favorite safari shots to the 20 photos below. Now, we need to pick the best one(s).

Which one is your favorite? Which one says safari to you? VOTE NOW!

Check out the slideshow, then choose your favorite in the poll below. Larger images are available by clicking the thumbnails at the bottom. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Top 20 Safari Photos

  1. Elephants in Chobe National Park and Morning Pride are my two favorite. It is very difficult to decide which one is the ‘best’ for encompassing the theme ‘Safari’. If I HAD to choose…I guess the elephants would be my choice.

    Thanks for sharing all those great photos and stories, Ryan (and Jenny). They were all great.

  2. The tiny monkey didn’t make it on your final list but I have him up on my desktop bankground at work. Is that breaking copyright? I have to live vicariously through you bud. Everyone asks me about the picture and I let them know you took it. Hope all is well, Rob.

    • Hey, dude. Tiny monkey friend will very likely make the cut of NON-safari photos. Still, I’m honored that it made such an impression on you. Let’s just pretend that the copyright extends to family.

      We’re coming back to the States soon, so please clean up all the red plastic cups and open the windows.

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