Last Day Revisited

So, you’re right. It’s been quiet lately. These last few weeks flew by, filled as they were with farewell dinners, suitcase stuffings and what what what.

I feel like we haven’t been able to put a bow on the year.

But, if you’re looking for an eloquent tribute to the past twelve months of this wild and crazy life, I’m afraid this post will disappoint you.

I only have a moment to tell you about the rare opportunity we are now experiencing: the chance to have not just one, but TWO final days in South Africa.

See, even though we said our goodbyes, cried our tears, delivered our dog to cargo, checked our six bags, cleared immigration and boarded the plane, we never actually left the country.

Our flight was cancelled at 23:15 last night. Bad fuel valves. We were…stranded?

Yes and no. Yes, it was an ordeal to collect 300+ lbs of luggage, jailbreak a trembling dingo from the cargo warehouse at 2:00am, and find transport back to Pretoria. No, we are not stranded.

We found our way back to our flat on campus, opened the door, put dirty sheets back on the bed and closed our tired eyes for a few precious hours.

Now, we are regrouping, reorganizing (with the continued and generous assistance of Ms Nikki Groenewald, Christa Smit and so many others) and repacking in preparation for Round 2.


In a few hours, we will hoist our KE bags into a van, speak soothing tones to Indie and go through the myriad airport processes all over again. If all goes well, we will be in New York on Saturday morning.

If not, another Last Day in South Africa wouldn’t be so bad.

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