It’s like my spam folder exploded all over the street…

The utility box on our corner, with the ubiquitous "self-help" adverts

One of the funnier things we noticed as soon we began exploring the neighborhood and walking to nearby shops for groceries, etc., was the multitude of street posters with advertisements targeted to gentlemen. The advert pictured here, for example, is plastered on telephone polls, utility boxes, street signs, trash bins and just about any other — pardon the pun — hard surface available along Duncan Street.


  1. Has this method of advertising proved effective?
  2. Would a person really call a phone number, and potentially have to talk with another person, for more information?
  3. Are these posters only found in the “white suburbs” or will we see them citywide?
  4. Is there a money-back guarantee?

I suppose if the answer to Question 1 is “yes” and if I eventually need to get a job …

No. No. No.