The End of an Annum


Howzit? You’re still here?

I probably would have given up waiting for that one last blog post by now. It’s been, what, a month? More than a month! What gives?

Ag, man…eish! It’s been hectic. In the past 30 days, we’ve driven across the US in a rented car, purchased a new car, moved back into our house, installed new carpet in our house, moved our stuff back into our house (which involved hoisting a sofa bed up through a third-story bedroom window), painted nearly every wall in the house, ordered internet service, cancelled internet service, ordered different internet service and a whole bunch of other stuff that required the focus of a blinkered thoroughbred…all while learning how to live in America again.

Sure, we’ve taken time out to enjoy time with family and friends, but until now there just hasn’t been a quiet moment to reflect on the past year, on the experiences we had, on the life we lived in South Africa, on that which was there but now is gone.

Truthfully, several quiet moments have likely come and gone. Instead of filling them with contemplation or remembrance, I played Words With Friends or watched a very sensationalized and very tape-delayed Olympic event. Shame on me. Loathe to admit in writing what I already know to be true, I’ve been putting off this task, as if not summarizing the past year would somehow leave the door open to a swift return to life in South Africa, as if these very characters would fashion themselves into nails and forever seal shut our portal to Pretoria.

As if the 8,000-mile, 16-hour flight didn’t do just that. That is, once we actually took off.

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Sunset at Noordhoek Beach

A while back, before we left for South Africa, one of my Chicago buddies (who since had the nerve to move to Seattle) tipped me off to this cool blog called the3six5. The idea is simple and brilliant: tell the story of a year in 365 days by 365 different people. Scott’s poignant post last September reminded me to sign up.

Well, today was my day.

There’s a lot going on today, as you can read in my 365-word post: Jaimie and Zach are here from Chicago, I have a job interview and basketball practice tonight, and we’re already starting to think about the logistics of our return to the U.S. this summer.

So, in lieu of a true post here, I encourage you to check out my entry on the3six5. And…Zach has promised to write a guest post about their visit, so please help me to keep the pressure on!

Ke a leboga.

Dr Buna, in Nu Drab, Gets Dan Rub in Durban

OK, OK…I get it. Long time, no post. Sorry about that.

We’ve been busy doing things like entertaining our latest guests, Andrea and Rob, friends from Chicago. And hanging out with really tall animals.

We owe you details of our recent trip to Durban, and I promise that an account (and at least one photo of a giant oyster) is forthcoming.

In the meantime, I all I really have to offer are some weak, Durban-inspired anagrams:

Nu Drab – The latest color from Banana Republic

Dan Rub – Special offering at the exclusive Daniel Day Spa

U R Band – Pop group influenced by txt msg & Twitter…All songs are 140 characters or less

Brand U – Label of ultra-fast sneakers worn by Usain Bolt

Ran Dub – Electro-trance remix artists on DFA

Drub NA – Non-alcoholic beer from Beat-Down Brewery, Portland, OR

Dr Buna – Ethiopian dermatologist

Dr Nabu – Japanese ichthyologist

Dr Anub – Bangladeshi economist

Dr Uban – Nigerian con artist (sorry, Nigeria)

Run bad – What I do

Und Bar – Hipster hangout near London’s Camden Town tube station

Dunbar – A Chicago high school

Rad Bun – Cinnamon roll served in the Ridgemont High cafeteria

Ad burn – “Where’s the beef?”

Campaign 2012

The remainder of this post is dedicated to the soft launch of my campaign to convince Jenny to write another blog entry. Her second, and last, post was in August. August! That was last year!

If you’d like to hear more from the brains behind this whole operation, please let her know. Voice your support by commenting on this post.

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